Is the patient a current holder of a DVA Gold Card?

Is the patient currently a resident of a residential aged care facility?

Is the patient currently a participant in any Department of Health coordinated care program?

Has the patient been diagnosed with one or more chronic diseases (e.g. COPD, Diabetes, CAD, IHD) or conditions that have resulted, or could reasonably result, in frequent hospitalisation?

Do they have complex care needs, being one or more of the following:

  • multiple comorbidities that complicate the treatment
  • unstable condition with a high risk of acute exacerbation
  • the condition is contributed to by frailty, age and/or social isolation factors
  • limitations in self management and monitoring?

Do they require a treatment regimen that involves one or more of the following complexities of ongoing care:

  • multiple care providers
  • complex medication regimen
  • frequent monitoring and review
  • support with self management and self monitoring?

This patient is eligible to participate in the Coordinated Veterans' Care Program, once you have obtained their informed consent please proceed to the CVC Care Plan and Provider Search tools to commence setting up the care plan for this veteran.

Check the Information Hub for information and resources regarding the CVC Program, including payments and claiming, resources for veterans and general information on DVA.

This patient is not eligible to participate in the Coordinated Veterans' Care Program, however if they have complex care needs or chronic condition(s) they may be eligible for other programs funded through Medicare or DVA.