Claiming Process diagram

CVC Claiming process (PPTX 60 KB)

Before you claim:

Enrolment forms are not required to be completed and submitted to DVA. CVC Program claims are processed by Medicare.

Before you are eligible to start claiming please ensure:

  • The veteran meets the eligibility requirements;
  • You have informed consent from the veteran to participate, and this is recorded on the patient's record;
  • You have undertaken a comprehensive assessment process; and
  • You have developed a coordinated care plan with the participant, providing them and other members of the Care Team with a copy


The initial Period of Care commences once these requirements have been met, and a UP01 or UP02 claim can be made on this date.

Ongoing claiming:

The period of care is 90 days, and UP03 or UP04 quarterly care payments cannot be submitted to Medicare until after the payment period is complete, that is, after 90 days.

The Date of Service is day 1 of the 90 day period of care.

For example: the initial UP01 enrolment date is 27/8/2018. Provided all quarterly claim requirements are met the first UP03 payment can be claimed after the 25/11/2018 (90 days after 27/8/2018) with the date of service being the 27/8/2018. With GP approval the second UP03 claim can be made after the 23/2/2019 (90 days after 25/11/2018) with the date of service as the 25/11/2018 and so on.

Enter the Date of Service below to automatically calculate when you can claim quarterly care payments for your participating veteran.

Claim after date for 00/00/00

Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4
00 / 00 / 00 00 / 00 / 00 00 / 00 / 00 00 / 00 / 00